How I became 

Sales-warrior instead of Air-warrior

How I became #Sales-warrior 

instead of Air-warrior

My name is Aniruddha Athawale. I wanted to be an Indian Air force pilot (air warrior) in my collage days as I held a “C” certificate Air Wing NCC cadet. I cleared my pilot aptitude and battery test but couldn’t make it and accidentally started my career in a pharmaceutical company as sales rep. 

Then moved to automotive company in my early 20es. After completing my MBA in sales and marketing I realized that I can do sales and this is one thing I AM LOVING IT. Travelling, meeting with new customers, distributors, salesman and retailers.

I worked with various companies such as Hindustan Unilever in kwality walls, launched and exponentially grew with Pepsi Co (Frito-Lay’s), then idea cellular and Hershey’s India across Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh and MP.

People management and helping my subordinates is still my passion and soon I realized that training and coaching is one of my strength apart from my sales & distribution, channel management development needs. I started training my salesman, distributor salesman, then started doing induction training for new joiners.

Soon I started getting opportunities to facilitate sales training for sales officers. In this processes I have attended many Train the trainer programs, presentation skills programs. I was fortunate enough to get by superior bosses and HR as they helped me in honing my skills by providing opportunities in various geographies.

I started my 2nd innings with what I learned in the past and most passionate about is sales & distribution, GTM strategy training ,coaching & consulting to upcoming Individual, entrepreneurs, SME & big companies and travel for sales training and coaching .

I also started small venture an online frozen food home delivery portal which did well I closed within 1.5 years with lots of lessons and tons of learning on entrepreneurship as I have to give more time and attention for my sales coaching training & consultancy. But this venture has added lots of wisdom in my life.

Learning is one of great value I possess. I kept on learning new things and while starting my 2nd innings I also done Life coaching certification and NLP certification as they aid in my training and coaching work. To keep pace with the digital worlds done my digital marketing certification.

March 2018 was great milestone to me as I launched my 1st online E-Learning course in Hindi on FMCG sales management with the aim of skilling youngsters so they can learn in easy way and at a affordable price. This course was created with passion and in turn I learned many new things such as how to create the course, video shooting, editing, and marketing the course.

I love to read and read a variety of books. The one I will recommend to everyone is ‘Man’s search for meaning “by Viktor Frankl. The book is small but it’s not an easy read but it can help you find meaning in your life.

I believe in giving and hence to give back to society I have done numerous program of my 4 hours workshop of “Dynamic Goal setting- Plan your life & design your future”

I Have started my  podcast “Sales Ka Tadka” and i am getting great feedback and lot of subscribers on this niche area of podcast and I am now coming up with my own show which I will disclose in few weeks, keep watching my LinkedIn profile for announcement.

Thank you and I appreciate your time for reading this part of my life.

Keep learning, be authentic and stay curious.

God bless you!!

Aniruddha Athawale
A Nagpur Based Sales Coach / trainer /Consultant & podcaster.

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